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TO: Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission

Post Office Box 367

Richmond, Virginia 23218-0367

Name of Judge______Bonnie C. Davis___________________________________

Location of Court ___Chesterfield County, Virginia, Juvenile and Domestic Relations

Date of Incident __From approx. 1994 to present ____________________________

Docket No. of Case (If known) J21050-02-02,03 and A13106-06,02 and others_____

Statement of Facts: During the time these cases, and other cases involving the same parties, were before Judge Davis, evidence by the father, myself, has been limited or not been allowed at all. This may begin to stem from when the judge was a Commonwealth Attorney where she attempted to prosecute me, on false charges by my wife, that were dismissed as unfounded. Bias has also been shown during proceedings with attorneys seen for the opposition in the form, but not limited to, the giving of benefits of showing up late or not showing up at all, i.e.: John Macklin IV, without reprimand or sanction, even when asked. There was also mention of a past history with this attorney possibly from school. During these matters many breaches of law have been presented to the court that not only have been over looked but also by lack of judicial reprimand, encouraged. VA CODE ANN. 63.1-124, and 20-121.4, and 18.2-504.1, are yet only a few ignored by Judge Davis.

Visitation denied has also been a regular show cause request, only to be dismissed over and over again, even when one lasted over five months continuous. The court after repeated offences warned this would be met with punishment, yet no action was ever taken. Even after parentage was positively determined by blood testing (order by another J&DR Judge), with the court knowing full well both parties were and are still married to each other, the court continues to forcibly recognized the mothers fraudulent use of an assumed name and has refused to issue a correction for the involved childís name or birth certificate, despite many requests. The birth certificate still lacks the fatherís name. This matter was said by Judge Davis to be "unimportant in the courts eyes", even though its existence is due to a violation of law. Evidence presented to the court with concerns to the childís health overwhelm the case file, yet it has taken six years in front of Judge Davis and requests by my attorney to have a guardian appointed. Even with this evidence, the court still failed to concern Social Services in the childís best interest. A second child of the mother, different father, was appointed a guardian by another judge/court (Dinwiddie) within her first year of age due to the same concerns presented to Judge Davis, repeatedly in six years. In addition, the court also ordered a home study for the mother that could not be completed due to the motherís constant moving and lack of cooperation, which was noted by the Social Service worker, but again, Judge Davis utterly failed to act. The mother moving without notification to the court and parties is yet another violation of Judge Davisís standing order that held no consequence, nor would Judge Davis entertain complaints regarding the constant moving without Court notice Judge Davis ordered. This has happened multiple times with the courts knowledge, and continues. The father of the other child has custody due to the same facts overlooked by Bonnie Davie. This court also felt at one time sufficient evidence to send the mother back to parenting classes, due to the motherís behavior, yet still did not think this was enough of a change of circumstance. During proceedings, where the judge has often been late to herself, speeches (court reporter present) are given placing blame on the parties for taking her time and reappearing in her courtroom, where the court has refused to take action for the reason of the reappearances. She has made known her discontent with fatherhood with facial expression and tone associated with anger or has become short by stopping a requested response, or shown complete lack of interest when one is given by fidgeting with paperwork, not addressing the parties. Most recently a capias was issued following a show cause that was never served. Where never during all of the court summons have I even missed one court appearance or even been late, which of the parties involved I am the only one that can say that including the judge. The show cause has the wrong address yet the judge, having all of the correct information in the file, as my address has not changed in seven years, chose to ignore this denying me opportunity to defend the show cause in question appropriately, however was able to apply the correct address on the capias. Previously, when a show cause against the mother was issued where she moved before it could be served, therefore having the wrong current address, Judge Davis through it out stating I must refiled with the correct information. Additionally, Judge Davis took the extraordinary leap to set a secured bond of $7,500.00 in the matter. This was another biased decision of Judge Davis in a long line of unfair and one-sided decisions against me.

This is only a modicum of the issues of Judge Davis' bias, and capricious treatment of the law as it applies to me, and not to the mother. Again, several of the appearances are reported by a Court reporter, so there is NO question as to what Judge Davis did or did not do.

Due to this inappropriate behavior showing bias and impropriety I am filing this complaint.

Also I am providing this link again to the Canons of Judicial Conduct, which are the rules in which the judges of Virginia are to abide by. You decide if there is any question of "IMPROPRIETY AND THE APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY IN
ALL OF (her) THE JUDGE'S ACTIVITIES" (Canon 2) among others.


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