Southside Regional Medical Center records

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Proof of the denial and consious efforts put forth to keep me from my daughter and her records.

1,402 people specialists, let me show you what I think some of them specialize in. Lets start with family intrusion and manipulation.

Dispite the efforts of Southside Regional Medical Center, Southside Pediatric Center, and Health Care Plus (which are all within the same company), I have not been deterred from trying to stay informed on my daughter's health and wellbeing even if these facilities choose to make me pay money for court orders for what is freely legally mine. My daughter is priceless and I will not let an impersonal business remove me as a caring, involved parent.

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Note to Southside Regional Medical Center; For being "almost" divorced, we are, as were then, still married. This first document confirms here by the social worker that I was detained/spoken to while my wife and newborn were discharged (d/c) from the hospital. This also not only shows Southside Regional Medical Center took part in keeping a father away from his newborn child, but it shows they are the ones that came up with the idea as well, "Patient agreed to sign a statement re: not releasing any info.....".  Seeing your newborn child is priceless, and due to Southside Regional Medical Center I will never have that opportunity with this child, among many other opportunities (first steps, first words, first many things).

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I am curious what other laws Southside Regional Medical Center will rewrite for a patient or thier own purpose and have it notarized.

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