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Its purpose is to provide a medium where I can expound on the items I was not ever able to say in Bonnie Davis's court. One is the letter to the judge. Soon actual transcripts from her court will be linked here, so you too can get the whole picture, which in fact is the entire reason for these collection of pages of facts, documents, and links. If there are any others that have had similar situations with Judge Bonnie Davis I welcome the contact as I will be happy to include a page for your story as well. This is my opinion, and upon information and belief.


Dear Judge Davis,

I write to you in attempt to respond to the so many things said to me by you in your court room where I have never been given the chance to reply. I will start by saying that I am disheartened by what I have seen and heard from you in the six years you have handled my daughters case. In no uncertain terms you have let down a very bright, beautiful, special little girl and her father whether from personal experiences or lack of good judgement on your part interfering into this case.

As a prosecutor you attempted to convict me for a charge trumped up by my wife and lost, where my wife stated an absolute falsity that was proven by police records in my favor. The case was dismissed then and there as my wife was shown to be less credible. This same woman has been in front of you where you have not found the same conclusion despite again records provided you for six years. And just like this case, if you read more than just the cover of the case, that would have been open and shut before we hit the door. I remember the case well too as the judge shook his head when he dismissed it.

(The above paragraph is wrong. I was in error when I stated that Bonnie Davis prosecuted me. In court today May22, 2000, I was informed of my error according to Judge Davis, the court records state it was indeed another Commonwealth's Attorney. However where I do know Bonnie Davis from before her judgeship was where she was the Commonwealth's Attorney that I took the Virginia codes to for prosecution of my wife, the mother, concerning the infractions mentioned on the main page that happened during my daughter's first year and right before she was born in attempts to fight for my rights. At that time we met in a shed/trailer outside the J&DR Court house. Her words then were that there was not enough evidence to make the case worth wild, see Social Services, yet that is who sent me to her. Yet now the same person, the mother, is in front of her mocking the court because she chose not to stop it when she, Bonnie Davis, had the chance. I did however feel the need to retract my error as I wish to insure the truth of this page, and to show that when I am wrong, I not only am willing to admit it, I fix it.)

Growing up I was taught that the law protects and justice prevails. I wanted my daughter to learn these same principals. However, she has seen this not to be so, due to you. It was stated by you at our last appearance that my daughter is bright and quite knowledgeable. She is so to the point that she does not understand how a judge could let her mother keep her away from her father for over two years out of seven, and get away with acts that even a seven year old knows to be wrong. The last show cause you dismissed was where my daughter was kept from me for a consecutive seven months with no cause. You heard no evidence, asked no questions, and didn't even check your score card of how many other times you have let the mother deny visitation. Do you actually think these showcauses are made up. Why don't you find out. Maybe your hopes are to alienate fathers so they may eventually give up. I have exhausted my resources more than once, thanks to you, yet have not given up because I love my daughter.

Her mother, in the time you have had this case, has shown up in your court room with three live in boyfriends, now has by legal terms, two illegitimate children by two of them, lived in six known addresses, was ordered to repeat parenting classes by you, and yet never was there a thought of a change of circumstance by you for the welfare of my daughter to change custody. And the mother and I are still married. The court record is full of facts that you seemed to dismiss and over look, like for instance the fact that I was kept from my daughter from her birth to a year old, and still am not listed on the birth certificate nor even have a copy of such, due to how the mother fraudulently filed with Social Services, that you are fully aware and have been, yet took no action against her letting it continue. I feel this is one reason you allowed a subpoena for Social Services records to be quashed, as it would have shown your inability to perform justice. As you can see around the website I acquired some paperwork despite you. This in itself is a travesty to an average parent, maybe not to you. You specifically told the mother multiple times before "if this happens again", and it did over and over, yet you continue to dismiss such actions again and again. How you shape our youth by your lack of action on what you preach. I guess its a real threat for fathers and idle threats for mothers. My daughter if left in this situation has a greater possibility to repeat the actions of her mother because you have shown her she can. I wish to raise my daughter to be strong and not to depend on the system. It seems you have other plans.

The second child in my daughters family, that you promoted by the way, has been a court issue as well. In front of another judge, custody was given to the father in one session. This is concerning the same mother without all of what you have been provided. I fail to understand how that is possible, but we can't expect all judges to be worthy of their title. However unlike your courtroom, where I can count on my fingers and toes the words I was allowed to say concerning my daughters wellbeing, the other child's father was allowed to speak, records shown, and justice was served.

You stated in a long-winded monologue (to often the only thing allowed to be heard in your court) that you have had this case for six years and blame the parents for your inability to better conclude my daughter’s fate. I feel you have confused the job description to behave the way you have for six years. Parents and children depend on some form of structure, but instead you would rather continue the wait for constructive answers and wisdom, either due to your lack of both or less desire to better your environment. It takes caring people to effect positive outcomes in raising children. You have shown your inability for this, which may be why you don't or can't teach anymore. 

Your bias concerning men and women is quite prevalent to the onlookers too. I doubt you can explain why, when you thought I had not paid child support you broke into one of your speeches. When you were told it was in escrow, and only held up by the mother not providing paperwork requested by the courts (again), I received no apology or other, nor did she receive a reprimand. When my wife breaks another court order of yours (and others), as she has now twenty or more times, she is told not to do it again, no speech, no deterring action (examples too numerous to mention are in the record as show causes you’ve dismissed). Even when she is ordered to meet with the guardian and the home studies worker and doesn’t, nothing was said. And this you must know being you read the reports you ordered, correct. Why is that I wonder, and so wonders my daughter. These are just a very few examples. Thank goodness I got a court reporter so I may repeat your words verbatim without diluting them. I believe that the reason for most of your, as you stated, "Career Cases" are your fault for not bothering to read the records and overview the evidence provided, not to mention the studies you yourself order. Of course not to mention you don't follow through on your threats either. If you did I feel certain many children would live happier lives, in more stable environments, but that's not your concern is it. Your job, as you have shown, is to perpetuate flooded courts with continuances, cost parents time and money that could better go to the child in question, and keep Social Services work load to a maximum, whilst not heeding the reports produced, and not letting the investigators testify. I would be very interested in how many fathers you have given custody to from mothers, that were not proven incompetent or by default. Somehow I feel certain the number if any would be low. However if that information is volunteered I will be happy to post it if contradictory to my assessment. I would even be happy to include any father custody ratios from your court.

If you are unable to take each case as it is, take the time to review them, look up some laws that you don’t know, act on those that have mocked your court by returning with repeated offenses, and make a positive difference in children’s lives, then go back to being a Commonwealth Attorney, if they’ll have you. As shown to me in person, not to mention now a little girl and others, you don’t need any factual proof for you to try and convict a man, I mean people. So much more than what you have is required dealing with families. Waste our money by tormenting and harassing adults, guilty or not as you did me without doing your homework as a Commonwealth Attorney, but leave the shaping and well-being of our children to not only someone that cares but to someone who will protect our children with their wisdom and appointed power.

This is only the beginning!

Update March 8th, 2000

Well it sure was the beginning. Below you will find a Show Cause filed by my wife against me for non-payment of child support, that I was never served with due to the wrong address . Below it you will see the Capias that Judge Bonnie Davis issued knowing I was never served, therefore never giving me the opportunity to defend myself. Notice the addresses on both. When Judge Davis wrote the Capias, "SHE" corrected the address that was incorrect on the Show Cause. When a Show Cause was issued on the mother some time previous, and was unable to be served due to the mother moving before it arrived, Judge Davis through it out saying I must refile with the correct information. Again another true sign of the bias displayed during this case. Also it defies belief that the Show Cause was issued with the wrong address being the Court Order it applies to has my current address, for seven years, written twice, giving thoughts that it was done this way on purpose for the results it briefly obtained, and in attempts to defame me. 

Notice the date on the show cause here for date of service (bottom right). This was served on me months after I was wrongfully incarcerated, literally five minutes before the hearing of this case. 

Also notice the "Suggested bond". $7500 secured, but if the punishment equals the crime, it should be equal to or close to the dollar amount listed above it, shouldn't it? Just more moneys that Judge Bonnie is insuring doesn't go to my deserving daughter, but instead to her court games fund. By  previous council I  was told the order in which  this referred to was deemed a trial de novo (sp). I was told that I was to take no actions other than what currently was in place. Child support, as testified to in front of this same judge, the mother, both attorneys and myself, was placed in an escrow account with the attorney. These moneys still reside there, giving me no reason to have doubted the attorney, otherwise, council would have released them according to the law. But here again I was not given the chance to present my case, and wrongfully, yet thankfully, briefly incarcerated. 

After enough injustice from this realm, I have "Motioned for Recusal", which in simple terms asks the court, Judge Bonnie Davis to kindly step down as the presiding Judge concerning our case and anything concerning me when in J&DR court, due to underlying prejudices. It only lists a few of the conflicts shown that should have let the Judge dismiss herself from the case much earlier if not from the beginning. This is my only legal means to fight or what more looks like defend myself from the system that is suppose to protect us and our children.

On March 6th, 2000 I filed a formal complaint to the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission concerning Judge Davis' behavior, actions, and lack there of. The complaint link follows.

Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission Complaint

Also I am providing this link to the Canons of Judicial Conduct, which are the rules in which the judges of Virginia are to abide by. 

 As of March 31st, Bonnie has not responded either way to the Motion for Recusal. I suppose we will have to file another Motion to force a date being she wishes to delay justice even more.


    B. Adjudicate Responsibilities

        8. A judge shall dispose promptly of the business of the court.)



A.  A judge shall respect and comply with the law and shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary. 

Commentary (from the Canon page): 

Public confidence in the judiciary is eroded by irresponsible or improper conduct by judges. A judge must avoid all impropriety and appearance of impropriety. A judge must expect to be the subject of constant public scrutiny. A judge must therefore accept restrictions on the judge's conduct that might be viewed as burdensome by the ordinary citizen and should do so freely and willingly. 

May 22, 2000

We appeared in front of Judge Davis briefly to find that she could not hear the show cause, that was served on me five minutes before this hearing, due to jurisdictional problems, as the order in which it refers was appealed to Judge Gill of a higher court. The Capias was dismissed first thing. 

More coming soon :)


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